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at "Tuckerfest" 2010, photo by Katharine Defenderfer                      at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, August, 1994, photo by Bob Yahn

My CD, This Way/That Way is still available on Itunes, Amazon, and several of the other standard downloading services. On Amazon, you can even order a physical copy. I do have just a few copies remaining myself.  So if you'd like to have one, you can order one straight from me by writing or calling - or pick one up at a show and I'll be happy to sign it!

Aside from the "stealth" gigs I've been doing for a while, there's one official show coming up and it's going to be a doozy! Looking forward to having the chance to trade some tunes and licks with the awesome Andy Cohen, so this will be one not to miss!

Sunday, February 24, 2019        4:00 PM
   TheTurning Point
, 468 Piermont Ave, Piermont NY  845-359-1089    With Andy Cohen. This is the latest edition of what's becoming a series where Andy and I have a special guest joining us, who for this one is my old friend and former guitar mentor Glenn Weiser. Andy's a highly regarded traditional music scholar and, like me, a player of  blues and ragtime on both guitar and dolceola(!).


For information and bookings, contact me directly by email or phone me at 845-353-7311

Here are a couple of video clips from the mid-90s performing on a syndicated folk music cable TV called "Horses Sing None of It", hosted by Ralph Litwin:



CDs and Tapes
(well only one, unless you want to buy a lot of them!)

Way back in 1993, I and my former bass player, the illustrious J. Keith Thomson, were talking about recording. Shortly thereafter, I mentioned this prospect to Jorma Kaukonen, for whom we were opening at the dearly departed Lone Star Cafe in NYC. His response was, and I quote, "I'll be deeply disappointed if you don't let me produce it!" Not being ones to leave a chance to have that much fun pass by the wayside, we rented a portable digital tape recorder and made the 10 hour drive to Jorma's farm in southeastern Ohio, where we proceeded to set up a makeshift studio in the dining room and spent a joyful week and a half recording every fart and sneeze, interspersed with hikes, cookouts, and the occasional recreational discharging of firearms. After we returned home, I also grabbed Danny Kalb (founder and lead guitarist of the legendary Blues Project), for a song...

The result of all this was the CD pictured above. It has a bunch of traditional tunes, a few covers, and a couple of modest efforts of our own.  It got  lots of airplay and great reviews, and most folks tell me it has a tasty flavor of the fun we had making it!  Click on the play buttons below to whet your appetite!

 The Ballad of Tony & Delia (with Keith Thomson on bass, and Lisa Best on harmony vocals)

 Walking the Caucasus (with Keith Thomson on contrabass clarinet, and friends & neighbors on finger-snaps)

 Folkadelic #3 (with Jorma Kaukonen on 2nd electric guitar, and Marlo on Roo)

 Kitty Lo Li ((Live at the Turning Point, not on the CD)

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